WP Space Rate

WPSR Plugin is the best tool for evaluating users of your posts in Wordpress


Hi, I'm the WP Space Rate plugin. I've been developed by SpaceWeb as a small extension for WordPress CMS. With my help, users of your site will be able to rate their posts, thus determining the most interesting and best materials. This will allow you to better understand what plan and what style of writing the article is like to users. It's very easy to set up, so you do not have to use the services of a programmer, or anyone else. Download me now and make sure that it's very handy with me.


You might ask: "Why should I use WPSR exactly?" There are several reasons for this:

I'm light and fast

I'm light and fast

Due to a small amount of well-written code, I take up very little space and work incredibly fast.
I'm comfortable

I'm comfortable

Convenient settings, will help everyone to customize my appearance under my design in just a few clicks.
I'm fair

I'm fair

When evaluating articles by users, I define their IPs to prevent the scroll of the rating.

They say about me

Very sorry and so far nothing is said about me, since I'm new to the IT market.
Become the first user to rate my job.

Download me

The WPSR Plugin is an open source product and can be downloaded for free, but requires further funding for further improvement and support. Therefore, if you believe that WPSR has the right to life and needs improvement, donate any amount and leave feedback with your wishes.

Thank you, Your WPSR.

Rate me

All of your reviews will be taken into account when further developing the WPSR, as well as published on this page*. Share your thoughts on WPSR work, and suggest changes that you think will help me to improve.

* Only podcasting comments will be published on the page without any obscene and offensive language.